3 Tips for maintaining your gaming smartphone

Smartphone users often don’t pay attention to the condition of their smartphone and tend to be careless with maintenance, especially if you use it to play games for a long time. Not infrequently many people complain that their smartphones are short-lived, which is nothing but the fault of their own owners. Meanwhile, you can visit Online Game is One website to know more about game reviews, cheats, tips, and also big fish casino hack.

This time, we will share tips on how to take care of your smartphone to stay durable even though it is used to play games frequently. Immediately we see the tips below.

1. Do not charge while playing too often

When playing cool, sometimes we forget that the smartphone battery is dying and needs to be charged. Especially if the game that we play is the MOBA game and being in the middle of a fight, it can’t be stopped so we charge while still continuing the game. Fortunately, the Android operating system is now smarter to regulate battery power when charged so it does not cause battery errors or leakage. But this is still dangerous because the battery has the potential to overheat or even explode.

2. Keep Smartphone Temperature Cold

Today’s smartphone games have graphics quality that is no less good than PCs, so it has to work harder to run the game process. Because this smartphone will be hotter than usual and can cause overheating, causing your smartphone to hang or die completely. Keep the temperature of the smartphone cool by playing in a cool air room or closing the background of the application that consumes the battery which can cause the smartphone to heat even in a standby state.

3. Always Use the Original Charger

Charging the battery with a charger is sometimes underestimated by its users. In times of emergency sometimes the users borrow a friend’s charger or Powerbank. But the impact will be bad for your smartphone if you continue to use a charger that is not original. Keep using the original charger at least 5 times a week.

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