4 Anti failure tips for making donuts

Donuts are one of the bread innovations. This snack is popular in many countries and has been created in various forms. You also don’t need to go far to the store to buy a box of donuts. Prepare the ingredients and try to make it yourself at home! In the meantime, if you’re too busy to make it and still want donuts without wasting a lot of money, just check out the Duck Donuts menu prices.

However, often fail to make donuts with a buffalo texture? Do not worry!

Just read the following tips:

1. Make sure the body is active

How do I check if the yeast is still active? Mix with half a glass of warm water.

It is better not to use hot water because it greatly affects the texture of the donuts. In addition, donuts will not expand properly.

Stir in a mixture of instant yeast and warm water, then pay attention to the surface of the water. If bubbles appear, you can mix them directly in the donut mixture.

If not, remove the yeast and replace it with better quality.

2. Knead the mixture until smooth

The key to a soft and soft donut is the process of kneading the dough. Make sure you process it until it’s perfectly smooth.

Characteristic of smooth dough is flexible and does not break when pulled from two sides.

3. Pay attention to the proofing process!

After being finely dyed, the next process is fermentation to complete perfecting, aka proofing.

The proofing process is the process of silencing the dough for approximately 30 minutes or more. Later, the mixture will expand 2-3 times its original size.

Place it at room temperature or a warm place. The warmer the temperature, the proofing process can take place faster.

Avoid places that are too hot, cold, or humid. Proofing can be interrupted and the mixture does not expand perfectly.

4. Fried donuts on medium heat
Heat a lot of oil before frying donuts. Make sure the oil is really hot so the donut texture isn’t oily.

Fried donuts one by one on medium heat. Do it slowly until it expands and is brown.

Avoid flames that are too large because in addition to quickly burning, the inside texture of the donut will not be fully cooked.

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