Often Carrying Many Items in a Bag? Here are some of the bad effects

Bags for women are certainly one of the items that must always be in their homes. This is because the bag has various functions for them, in addition to carrying goods. Bags can be very useful to support their appearance. So, it is not uncommon for many women to choose the ladies briefcase so well that it can perform with the utmost.

Unfortunately, women often forget that all the luggage they carry is too heavy for them. This will certainly have a negative impact on themselves. Some of the bad effects for women with heavy baggage are

1. Stress
Carrying a heavy bag every day can cause pressure on the spinal muscles because you have to balance your weight. the presence of unbalanced proportions will make the body asymmetrical in the spine. This pressure on the back will cause stress even though it is rarely realized.

2. Pain in the shoulder
This is certainly a very felt impact. Pain in the shoulder occurs because the muscles experience pressure for too long and are not balanced with the other side.

3. Influence the gait
Another unpleasant effect is a strange way of walking. When you stand tall with both legs parallel, it will feel tired easily. So, walking will also be unbalanced and adversely affect your overall appearance.

4. Headaches
Because the otto pressure is sustainable, the effect can cause headaches. When the muscles in the shoulder and neck area become seizures, this can cause a feeling of agitation behind the skull.

5. Body posture changes
Uneven shoulders you may experience because often carry heavy bags on one side only. Even sometimes the shoulder can come down next to you and your body posture becomes more bent. So, it would be better if you reduce the innate onions every time you go because it will affect your health and appearance in the future.

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