Here are two interesting stories behind the 2018 Asian Games

The Asian Games always present their own stories wherever the sporting event is held. For this year, the task of hosting is Indonesia. There have been many preparations made to be able to hold the big sports event. visit Venue ASIAN Games 2018 if you want to know what preparations have been made for the Asian Games.

In the midst of the hectic preparations for the Asian Games held on August 18, there were various interesting stories behind it, such as

– Indonesia has hosted twice
For me, this year is not the first time Indonesia has hosted the 2018 Asian Games. On August 4 to September 4, 1962, Indonesia also hosted and made Indonesia at that time decide to build the Bung Karno Stadium.

– Feature number 18
Organizing the 2018 Asian Games is identical to number 18. The event was held on August 18, 2018. In fact, this year 2018 was the holding of the 18th Asian Games.