The putting direction and body position in golf

Apart from having an important role in playing golf, it turns out not all golfers can put well. Not a few golfers who often make mistakes such as hitting too hard so that the ball passes through the hole or hit too slowly so the ball stops before reaching the hole. In order to produce the perfect putting, you need to pay attention to the direction of putting, body position and ball. Meanwhile, you can visit if you need to find an excellent golf course in Thailand.

The direction of rolling the ball is often ignored by the golfer when making long-range punches. But, for short-range blows like putting, the direction of rolling the ball must be considered carefully.

To do the right putting starts from directing the putter to the target then adjusting the body position according to the putter position. For golfers who use the right hand, both legs are in a parallel position to the left of the hole. Position the golf stick against the target line parallel to the position of the stick with the foot. The width of the knee opening should correspond to the width of the hip with both legs pointing forward instead of sloping. The ball is right in the middle a little in front of your standing position. Make sure that the putter you are using is not too long so that it is not difficult to swing.