Pay Attention to the Following Conditions Before Your Liposuction Procedure!

Sure, it is such a good idea to get in touch with Sonobello for Sonobello prices. It’s no secret that liposuction surgery is one way to make your body slim and get a proportional body shape. So, before undergoing liposuction, there are several things that should be noted. A few days before surgery should not take blood-thinning drugs, vitamins, or supplements that can make blood runny because we are dealing with surgery if the blood is runny during surgery, bleeding can occur, the danger.

However, if the patient wants to take vitamins from fruits it doesn’t matter. In addition, patients also need to take ulcer drugs, especially for those who have chronic ulcers. The reason is, the tense atmosphere during surgery can increase stomach acid.

The condition of the patient can be stressed so that the stomach acid rises. Now, after the surgery, there is still the influence of anesthesia, so it gets dizzy in the morning. For patients with a medical history of chronic diseases such as kidney, hypertension, diabetes, and heart, there will be a blood test to see how the organ functions of the patient. Well, if liver and heart function is good, drugs that are given during surgery or postoperatively mean they can be consumed. For diabetes and hypertension, as long as the medicine consumed is still manageable, it doesn’t matter. Moreover, Vaserlipo now includes small operations, not major operations. However, if the kidney has a problem, blood sugar is not controlled, of course, it can’t.

After surgery, the patient must use a corset 24 hours at least three weeks to suppress the wounds found on the skin and also the internal ‘wounds’ that meet to help primary healing.

If after surgery there is a shock or pull will make the body part that is sucked fat will appear bumps and bumps. For exercise, sit-ups are not a problem or exercise that does not involve the area being operated on.

One or two months after the new procedure the area can be used for sports such as arms. For my age, my patient was 13 years old and 74 years old because there was relatively no age limit.