2 Types of Standing Mixer with Different Function

A mixer is one of the main components in making cakes. As a dough mixer, the presence of a mixer is needed. The mixer can save time and effort, so more cakes can be produced. Basically, there are two types of mixers, namely hand mixers and mixer stands. Many comparison of these two types, but ultimately depends on the needs and comfort of each user. But this time we will discuss specifically the stand mixer.

A stand mixer is a type of mixer that can be considered independent. This type of mixer has a fused machine and a bowl. So that the machine can keep spinning without you having to hold it. There are two types of standing mixers available on the market, namely:

– Planetary mixers
The planetary mixer is the most widely used type of standing mixer. It is called a planetary mixer because the shaker will spin around its bowl, while the bowl itself stays in place. So that at first glance it looks like the planet’s rotation. This planetary mixer is included in the small standing mixer and is more often used in households, because it is more practical, cheaper, and can be moved. But the planetary mixer also has limited capacity. Maybe you can use it in the home industry, but it is less efficient if more than that.

– Spiral mixer
Different from planetary mixers, this spiral mixer is a large size standing mixer and is more widely used for industries such as bakeries or bakeries, because its capacity is much larger. It’s just that this type of standing mixer cannot be moved, because of its large and heavy size. One of the advantages of this standing mixer is its very practical nature. Unlike hand mixers that must be held still, you can leave this standing mixer on, it only needs to set the time you want to shake the ingredients. While waiting for the mixer to stop, you can do other activities. You could say, the features of the standing mixer are complete.