Tips to Capture Photo At Night

Night photography or night shooting becomes a preference for people who want to capture the beauty of light flickering or just get the elegance and elegance created by the effects of lack of light. For those of you who want to do night photography or shooting at night for prewedding sessions. Make sure the photographer you’re renting understands how to take photos at night effectively. Surely you do not want the results of photos taken was not optimal, right? For that, you can use the services of top Wedding Photographers in Canton Ohio.

Here are some important tips for getting good and satisfying photos.

1. Lighting

The main difficulty especially in doing an outdoor photo session at night is the light problem. To fix this, use blitz equipment if you do not want too much to highlight the existing background. In addition, you can also take advantage of the lighting around to get a realistic and sparkly impression on the photos.

2. Background

Maybe these tips will feel very technical. However, these tips are one of the keys to the success of night photography. Use the camera’s aperture function to maximize the image you want. If you want a photo with a bokeh effect (background blur), change the aperture settings to be wider. Instead, use a narrow aperture to get a clearer background.

3. Use of Tripod

Photos at night are identical to the use of a slow shutter speed. To reduce the risk of blur image objects, use a tripod to keep the camera in a stable position and not wobble for long periods of time. In addition, the tripod can also minimize accidental reflex movements that can be done by photographers when taking photos.

4. Minimize Movement

Still related to the third point, but this time in terms of photo objects, aka prospective bride who was being photographed. Try to adjust body movement with the existing light composition. If the location of the photo is too dark, do not do the slightest movement.

5. Choose clothes that do not cause a flicker effect

Flicker is a condition where the image with a pattern that is attached to the lines or small boxes become invisible tends to interfere with the camera screen, resulting in a final result that is not maximal. Therefore, try to use clothes with a simple motif, but still elegant when worn.

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